Losina Art Center: Offering Art classes in San Diego since 2006


Every now and then people say good things to us that we like to write down

It is amazing how well your method works! It surprised me what you could do with the beginners who had never painted before!"
- Richard, student
And these people had never painted before? How can you get them to paint so well? I want to take this class!
- Buffy, Art school Director
I absolutely love coming here. This is the highlight of my week.
- Ann, beginner student
I can't believe how much I've learned in just two classes. This experience, I feel, made a huge difference already. It was how you explained how to get across a lot of information with just a few brushstrokes. I love the atmosphere here, people at different levels, everyone has such different styles here, it fosters a very creative environment. There's always something interesting to look at on the walls, it gives me ideas of what I may like to do next. I've been impressed with what I am accomplishing, I didn't expect to see that at all. If I could I would be here 24/7.
- Jordan, student, musician, science web program developer
I enjoyed this class tremendously, and I've learned so much!
- Joseph, beginner
It was a unique class - an extreme, hypnotic experience.
-Theresa, Tijuana, Mexico
Olya, I enjoyed the class. You are a very enthusiastic and effective mentor.
- Nancy, beginner
Olya! I loved the PAPARAZZI workshop. I enjoy the international feel of your class since so many are from different countries. I was thinking all week how much I enjoyed your words and your spirit, watching you interact with your students and seeing your own gifts in art. You make it seem so easy.
- Don, beginner artist
I can't believe this class!
- Connie, artist
I want to thank you, Olya! I loved, loved, loved your workshop tremendously. I never painted before, but you made it so easy!
- Timken Museum docent
Your lecture was amazing, I will remember this day for the rest of my life, your demonstration blew me away.
- Mark
Olya, your class is the best class I have ever taken!
- Barbara, student
Yesterday the world opened to me after what you said.
- Bob, student
Because of you I'll never move from San Diego!
- Kathliene, student
I could wait until my class on Thursday to thank you, Olya, but I don't want to wait. I feel revived and enthusiastic again greatly due to your help. Your spending so much time going through art books and pointing out the relationship between Early Renaissance and more modern styles was a revelation.
- Rosemary, student
Olya, I wanted to tell you - this is so therapeutic! I love it!
Noble, math teacher, student
Look! Nobody wants to go to lunch!
- Thomas, student
My friend can not believe that I can paint a painting in a day.
- Soledad, student
Without this class my life would not be as meaningful...It is a very important part of my life.
- Robert, student
You don't let us be stuck, you know how to make us see.
- Diane, student
Olya Losina finds wonderful ways to get her idea across to her students, making sure we understand. I love that she explains everything in more than one way.
- Linda, student
I enjoyed your last class so much! I am really looking forward to each class! You are such a wonderful teacher. You give great instructions. You make your classes so much fun."
- Forrough, student
Olya, I am always amazed by what a great teacher you are and how you never run out of new ideas.
- Cynthia, scientist, student
Thank you - have I told you how much I love this place?
- Kathy, student
You spoiled me; I can't take classes from anyone else.
- Valery, student
Olya, I love the class! It's great being here!
- Ina, student
You opened my eyes. I am seeing much deeper into things now. I can now paint on my own.
- Judy, student
Olya feels the essence of each painter's personal style, and brings out our sensibility. She is able to key in on the distinct qualities that make each of us unique and encourages that to grow.
- Janee, artist, student
You are an excellent teacher. What I admire about you is that you can tell people when to stop. I want my friend to take your class; he is a very good artist, but always over-works his portraits.
- Kelly, artist
Listen, I don't know how you are doing this, but my wife is bringing home unbelievable artwork, best of anything she had ever done!
- Husband of Carol, artist, student
I am so lucky I am here! This was the best day of my life!
- Kiki, age 7
Olya, I can listen to you all day!
- Cole, age 8
Thank you so much for the class instruction. Lexi had a blast and would like to continue.
- mom of Alexis, age 15
Stacey can't believe how fun her classes are. She used to only like drawing but now is enjoying painting.
- Stacey's mom
Thanks, Olya, for the update on Rachel's progress. She comes home soooo happy from your classes.
- Rachel's mom
Olya, Allison is so grateful to you for helping her with the portfolio with such time constraints. She got accepted to Cal Poly SLO as well as Boulder Colorado and University of Arizona, and best of all... USC! She is thrilled with USC. We are so excited, thank you so much. She couldn't have done it without your help. We will refer you to anyone interested in getting a good portfolio for college applications. You're the greatest!
- Allison's mom