Losina Art Center: Offering Art classes in San Diego since 2006



We welcome students year round. All levels accepted: absolute beginner to advanced, unless otherwise stated in the course description. You can find a perfect course for your objectives. We will help you accomplish your goals:

  • building your fundamental painting or drawing skills
  • getting an evaluation of your current level
  • developing your style
  • learning techniques
  • producing art for sale
  • enjoying art-making with friends, with no particular agenda
  • creating paintings for decorating your home
  • pursuing a unique direction
  • raising the level of your art appreciation
  • feeding your mind by learning as much about art as possible
  • exploring your potential
  • enhancing your creativity through the R-brain mode
  • becoming a successful professional artist
  • creating an art college portfolio
  • preparing for an exhibition
  • finding your calling
  • learning to paint as it is on your bucket list
  • developing a cohesive portfolio for submitting to galleries
  • becoming an art teacher to help others become artists

Classes for recreation, personal growth, or professional development. Ages teen to adult. Instruction is always individualized to your level and your goals. Even in a group, your curriculum is adjusted to you personally. How to enroll: choose courses according to your schedule/availability, as in any class you'll receive individual attention. Students bring their art supplies. Bonus opportunity: after 6 months of classes you can exhibit in LAC gallery. Courses can be purchased by phone 619-630-9278 or online. All major credit cards accepted.



II. ART COURSES (accelerated skill building)

  1. Single 3-Hour Session
  2. Short Courses (month-long)

III. ART PACKAGES (in-depth skill building)

  1. Executive Package (flexible terms for busy professionals)
  2. Monthly Unlimited (fast portfolio)
  3. Annual Packages (Practicing Artist or Advanced Artist)

IV. PROGRAMS (by appointment)

  1. New! Independent Artist (membership program)
  2. College Portfolio / Art Portfolio (3-month program)
  3. Professional Coaching - Art Gallery Portfolio (invitational)

V. WORKSHOPS (one-day art training)

  1. Learn to Paint in One Day (8-hour intensive workshop)
  2. Master Classes (3-hour accelerated workshops)
  3. Team Building (objective-based workshops)


  1. Requesting a break
  2. Additional painting time
  3. Makeup Policy
  4. How to secure your price
  5. Refund Policy
  6. Referral Policy
  7. Cancellations


Art classes are designed to provide specific skills and structured like individual coaching sessions in a group environment. Our enrollment is ongoing. There is no formal beginning or end of programs - your course starts with your first attendance. Walk-ins are welcome if space allows, however reservation is recommended.


1. Single 3-Hour Session

One 3-hour group session. Current Special Offer allows you to attend two 3-hour sessions for the price of one. The second session must be taken within 30 days from the first session taken. The value paid does not expire, however we recommend to schedule your second session right away after attending your first session, as the opportunity to take the second session expires after 30 days past the date of the first session. Reserve your two sessions back-to-back on the same week, or in a week, or two weeks apart. Attendance is not specified to any specific class: you can alternate between different weekdays to try 2 different projects. Fully transferable as two sessions. Can not share the package. If both 3-hour sessions are not used within one year, after one year the price you paid will convert to a credit for the amount that was actually paid. This credit is valid to purchase any number of sessions or any package of equal or greater value. Not redeemable for cash. Expiration of 2 unused sessions does not mean that you have two makeup credits for two 3-hour sessions, as the second 3-hour session was a courtesy, a free bonus session. If you only used one 3-hour session, the second 3-hour session expires within 30 days from the date of the first session taken. Try to schedule your 2 sessions as soon as possible. Students bring their own art materials (suggested list can be provided).

2. Short Courses - Skill Building in A Month 

Short courses consist of five sessions, 3-hour each. Your five session are to be used within 30-day period. Attend one or more sessions per week (up to five sessions per week) by reserving them in advance. If your 30 days expire and you still have 3-hour sessions left unused, you will be granted makeup credit. Makeup credits will stay on your account and can be activated with your next enrollment. You bring your own art materials (suggested list will be provided).

  • Beginner Drawing Course - 5 sessions in 30 days, $275
  • Beginner Painting Course - 5 sessions in 30 days, $275
  • Beginner Abstract Painting Course - 5 sessions in 30 days, $275
  • Advanced Drawing Course - 5 sessions in 30 days, $275
  • Advanced Painting Course - 5 sessions in 30 days, $275


1. Executive Package

A course of 8 sessions, 3 hours each, $520. Buy eight 3-hour sessions and have three full months (90 days) to use them. Suitable for busy executives and those who expect to travel or have unplanned absences. This package offers the most adaptability to your life style, your work and travel schedule. It is like buying eight individual tickets to any eight sessions offered during the 90-day period: use them for any offered classes, any time within 90 days. These eight sessions can be attended once-a-week, or up to five sessions in one week, or can be stretched to 90 days, without ever generating makeup credits. The start date of the 90-day period is the date of the first 3-hour session attended. Students bring their own art supplies (suggested list will be provided).

2. Monthly Unlimited 

Attend up to 20 3-hour sessions in 30 days - up to five sessions each week. Take as many sessions as you want in 1 month. No makeup credits for missed sessions. Students bring their own art supplies (suggested list can be provided). Bonus: one extra hour of painting after each a.m. session and before each p.m. session included. Master Classes and Photography are not included.


1. New! Independent Artist (Membership Program)

This is a new membership program for artists who prefer to paint mostly on their own and would like to come to the studio 2 times a month. Receive desired feedback on your art on an as-needed basis, professional evaluation and advice, new techniques and creative ideas, and paint in a group of budding artists. This is Annual membership program - you don’t have to re-enroll every month: your monthly Membership Fee of $147 is charged from your account (auto-charge) each 30 days during your One-Year Agreement. Your membership comes with two 3-hour group sessions. Flexibility: you have a lot of flexibility inside each month: for example, you can attend both sessions back-to-back on the same week, if desired. Select your 2 sessions from ANY of the 5 classes offered weekly. You don’t need to commit to a specific weekday or class; each time you can select a new class to try. However, your 2 sessions must be taken within each particular month, as they do not transfer into the next month (no make-up classes). Makeup credits are not available. If not used within each particular month, your sessions disappear. Additional Sessions. If you want to add more sessions any time during each month, you can purchase additional 3-hour sessions at $60 each. These additional classes roll over into the next month and do not expire for as long as your membership is active. Bring your own art supplies.

2. Art College Portfolio Program / Art Portfolio

Program includes: 60 sessions, 3 hours each; students participate by attending group art sessions weekly. This program is objective based. Program is suitable for creating a college portfolio, or an art portfolio for the purpose of taking the first step in your artistic development. Students are accepted after an interview. Art Portfolio Program does not require any prior art experience, however to be accepted in the program, student must make an appointment, FREE ($250 value) - to evaluate current skill level, discuss objectives and deadline or time available before portfolio submission, or artistic goals. Qualified individuals are determined on their commitment and clarity of purpose. Program provides intensive training in drawing and painting. Program is designed as an intensive 3-month course with attending five 3-hour group sessions weekly. However, student may request to attend sessions once-a-week, twice-a-week, or up to 5 sessions a week or alternate days of his/her attendance week by week (on an advanced notice). The program can be completed in 3 months with an option of stretching it to one year. Must be completed in one year. Students bring their own art supplies. Portfolio program has 2 payment options: it can be paid for in full, or in three monthly payments within 90 days. Your Portfolio Program will be designed and personalized for the purpose of building your fundamental and advanced skills and producing a unique and cohesive body of work, based on requirements of the college(s) chosen or goals set. Attend any class offered at Losina Art Center; instruction is tailored to the chosen college(s) or personal plan and initial skill level. What is included in the Portfolio Program: one-on-one skill evaluation; custom portfolio design; personalized materials list; 2 Guest Passes to art classes (each pass includes two 3-hour sessions) for the student's friends and family, $388 value); 3-hour group classes (60 total); one hour of painting (no instruction) after each a.m. session and before each p.m. session; one "Learn to Paint in One Day" 8-hour R-brain training workshop ($397 value); portfolio presentation guidance; assistance with writing artist statement and bio. During the program student will receive personalized studio assignments, projects, instructions, techniques, critiques, portfolio progress evaluations when necessary, home assignments, and will become prepared for an art college or for applying for the Professional Gallery Portfolio Program (the advanced level program for the graduates of the Portfolio Program). Art portfolio, created for a non-humanitarian college (engineering, etc.), will provide you art skills equal to the skills for art college. Level of preparedness in graduates of the Portfolio Program qualifies them for applying for Art Teacher Training at Losina or for Professional Gallery Portfolio at Losina (prerequisite - "Learn to Paint in 1 Day" workshop). Artwork produced by participants in the Portfolio Program is suitable for ArtistBound representation.

3.  Annual Packages

PRACTICING ARTIST Annual Package. 52 group sessions (3-hours each). Flexible attendance; attend any of the 5 weekday sessions offered, until all 52 sessions are used. Bonus: 2 Guest Passes for your friends and family, each pass is good for two 3-hour sessions ($388 value). Extra benefit: one hour of additional studio time (no instruction) before each p.m. 3-hour session and after each a.m. 3-hour session ($600 value).  All 52 sessions must be used within the same year. Can be paid: a) in full in one payment; b) can be divided into 3 payments paid in 90 days; c) can be paid through PayPal credit. Pay by credit card, check, or cash. Can upgrade to Family Subscription. Students bring their own art materials (suggested list can be provided).

ADVANCED ARTIST Annual Package. Intended for artists interested in rapid advancement. Unlimited number of group sessions in one year. A spot is always reserved for the student in each session during the year - 5 three-hour sessions each week (workshops "Learn to Paint in 1 Day" and Photography are not included). Students bring their own art materials. Benefits: 1) one hour of additional studio time (no instruction) before each p.m. session and after a.m. session; 2) 4 Guest Passes for the student's friends and family, each pass valid for two 3-hour sessions ($776 value); 3) a slot in the studio storage for keeping art supplies. It is up to the student as to how many session to attend during the one-year term; no make-up classes are generated by sessions missed. Payment options: a) in full in one payment; b) in 3 installments paid within 90 days paid with a check or pre-authorized Credit Card payments; c) through PayPal credit. Family Subscription available. After one year and after attending "Learn to Paint in 1 Day" workshop, Annual Program graduates qualify for enrollment in Art Teacher Training or Professional Coaching.


Workshops take place on specific dates and have a particular duration.

1. LEARN TO PAINT IN ONE DAY. All-day (8 hour) workshop; all art supplies are provided. Ages : mature teens to adult. Children under 11 must be accompanied by an adult. Friends, family members and spouses (two persons) can share the cost of one workshop. No art experience necessary. Certification granted upon completion. 2 coffee breaks (snacks and beverages are provided), lunch break (lunch not provided). Workshop is the prerequisite for Teacher Training Academy. Students interested in becoming art teachers, who wants to teach this workshop, as well as other courses at Losina, must take "Learn to Paint in 1 Day" workshop first.

2. TEAM BUILDING WORKSHOP. Transformative workshop that develops creative ability through art, one-day event for companies. Scheduled per request, for any specific number of participants; art supplies are provided (material fee applies) according to the size of the group and the purpose of the training. Depending on the goal of the company, themes of workshop may vary, and can be adjusted to any space (including carpeted rooms). At Losina studio or your office / conference room. Paid for in advance. Call for an appointment and to discuss your objectives. Advanced scheduling required.

3. TEACHER TRAINING PROGRAM is a certification program: 5-day intensive training, + production team practice, + teaching practice, + one-on-one coaching. Prerequisite: certification from "Learn to Paint in 1 Day" workshop.



If you are on an annual package and must take a break, you can put your membership on hold for up to 2 months by notifying Losina office in writing via email. List the dates/months you would like to skip and list the date of your return to your session. Your subscription will be frozen per your request for up to 2 months and you will be charged $35/month (auto-charge) administration fee during that time. If you must take an extended break and don't want to lose your makeup credits, follow the following steps to put your attendance on hold: 1) make a written request (email); 2) Submit the date of return to classes; 3) Sign your authorization for $35/month auto-charge administration fee. Your sessions will re-start on the date submitted. You can request to interrupt your break and re-join back in the class any time during your break, to avoid the next-month's administration fee.


You can request to stay after your 3-hour session has ended and continue painting with no instruction, to capitalize on the instruction received during class, by paying $10 per each hour of extra time. Additional hours start immediately after the 3-hour session (regardless whether or not you choose to take a lunch break). Must be paid for specific number of hours before the time started. Additional hours of painting can be purchased after each a.m. class and before each p.m. class. One additional hour of painting is included with each 3-hour session with Advanced Artist Annual Package, Practicing Artist Annual Package (when paid in full in advance), with Unlimited Monthly Package, and with College Portfolio Program.


If you must miss your scheduled 3-hour session, we ask you for the courtesy of notifying the office as early in advance as possible by email: info@LosinaArtCenter.com. Missed 3-hour sessions go on your account as class credits (makeups). Makeup credits can be used during your current course or can roll over into your next enrollment, unless the program does not offer makeup credits (see below). When your 30-day or 90-day course has ended, unused makeup credits stay on your account for one year. Makeups can not be used between courses. Makeup credits become activated only by purchasing a new 30-day or 90-day course. Your makeup credits can be used before the expiration of your term, but only after your primary classes have been used first. Annual Packages: if you are enrolled in any Annual Program, you must use your makeup credits within the same year; makeup credits do not roll over into the next year's subscription. Monthly Unlimited Program does not offer makeup credits.


The price of the tuition may go up. However, you can keep your tuition unchanged with pre-paying for the future sessions. Even if you want to take a break after completing your course, you can avoid the rate increase by submitting the date of your next course (by email) and pre-paying for it. If your next course is prepaid, its rate will stay the same. Your course will start on the date indicated (or sooner, upon request).


1) Tuition is non-refundable except for the following situations: a full refund will be given if a class or workshop is canceled, filled prior to the receipt of your registration or if LAC does not accept you as a student. 2) Tuition can be applied to another package. 3) Prepaid  package refunds are only under the following conditions: a. moving further than 100 miles from the LAC facility, or b. permanent medical disability (a written form from your doctor is required). 30-day written notice of request-to-cancel is required. 4) If unable to continue attending your sessions, you have the option to transfer the remainder of the unused sessions to a new client (a friend or family member not currently enrolled at Losina) by referring the new client and paying a transfer charge of $35. In the event of a cash refund (see paragraph 1), the following fees and rates for services provided by LAC will be charged: $35 processing fee, services received up to the effective cancellation date (effective cancellation date is the last day of the month following receipt by LAC of the 30-day cancellation request). The refund amount will be adjusted by the following charges: the number of 3-hour classes that has been made available to the student, starting with the first month of registration up to the last day of the calendar month of the effective cancellation date and will be based on the full price of $97 per each 3-hour session and $10/hour for each additional hour of non-instruction studio time.


Receive a coupon for 2 art sessions ($97 value each) for each person you refer that buys any number of art sessions. You can use this coupon for taking art classes yourself or give this coupon as a gift to anyone you choose. Referral bonus coupons are valid for one year and can be added up, no limit.


LAC reserves the right to cancel art sessions or workshops. The fee may be applied to another package or workshop. LAC reserves the right to modify these terms at any time.