Losina Art Center: Offering Art classes in San Diego since 2006

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New Student Evaluation Session / Trial Session



One 3-hour session. Schedule it on any day of group classes.Buy Try any technique of painting or drawing, or bring your artworks for the instructor to evaluate and determine your first assignment before enrolling in any course. Valid for one year from the day of purchase; fully transferable.

Short Courses



Five 3-hour sessions in 30 days. Starts on the day you attend your first session. Buy Choose a subject you want to learn in 30 days or less. Group sessions, where you learn at your own pace. Start at any time. Your course will match your current level and move you up, which allows you to get certified in each new set of skills. Makeup credits (unused sessions) can carry over into your next course enrollment.

Intense Course

Unlimited for 30 days


Up to 60 hours to be used in 30 days. Attend 3-hour sessions, plus have one extra hour (no instruction) after each session. The most accelerated program to move from beginner to intermediate in 30 days. Drawing or painting projects - you choose. You can attend any number of group sessions within 30 days.

Executive Package



Eight 3-hour sessions and 90 days to use them.Buy Perfect program for busy executives and for those who travel. Choose any direction or subject you want. This course allows you to work on your art without time pressure.
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Practicing Artist



3-hour sessions, can be taken up to five times a week, 52 sessions total. Payment plan available, call for details. Buy Become a practicing artist in 12 months or less. Benefits include: 2 Guest passes, each good for two 3-hour sessions ($388 value) as gifts to your friends, family or business associates; an extra hour of painting (no instruction) after each a.m. session and before each p.m. session ($520 value).

Advanced Artist



Five 3-hour sessions each week are reserved for you for one year.  Buy Program for committed artists. Quantum leap in mastery level. Most advancement in skills. Best benefits and complete flexibility: attend 5 sessions offered weekly. 4 Guest passes (each pass includes two 3-hour sessions) as gifts for your family, friends or business associates ($776 value). Store your art supplies at the studio. Extra hour of painting (no instruction) after each a.m. session and before each p.m. session.

Private Art Class

1 session

Call for Pricing

Up to six hours one-on-one with the teacher in one day. A personalized session at the studio (or your home) for the ultimate experience. Achieve the result you want in the shortest amount of time. Complete focus on your goal. One-day acceleration. Call for an appointment and to discuss your objectives.

Portfolio Program College Portfolio Program


Call for Pricing

Art portfolio preparation assistance. Initial interview required. Create a portfolio, ready for submission to any desired college or for fulfilling a personal resolution. 180 hours of group instruction; intense 3-month program with one year to complete. No prior art skills necessary. Intensive training in drawing and painting. Instruction is personalized to your objectives or to the college(s) chosen. Included in the program: one-on-one skill evaluation, your current work evaluation; custom portfolio design; personalized materials list; 2 Guest Passes (each pass includes access to two 3-hour sessions) for your friends and family ($388 value); one hour of painting (no instruction) after each a.m. session and before each p.m. session (see Portfolio page). Portfolio is created to the requirements of the college(s) chosen. Portfolio Program is a prerequisite for Professional Gallery Portfolio Program.

Team-Building Workshop


 Call for Pricing

Hands-on 1 day training session for a company, at LAC studio or at your space; choose duration from 2 to 6 hours. For 10 to 65 people. Art materials are provided. For companies with diversity and creative outlook. Workshop is based on the R-brain stimulation through special instructions to eliminate psychological barriers. Designed to inspire self-confidence and teamwork among people of different backgrounds, foster enthusiasm and collaboration. Will ignite creative potential in participants and awaken artistic ability with no prior art experience. For details, click here. To schedule your event, call 619-630-9278