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Experience the Magic Power of Your Mind

Explore the Miracle of Right-Brain Ability

Learn To Paint in 1 Day!

Learn to paint in one day; become an artist in just 8 hours. At this powerful one day workshop you will awaken your natural creative ability, even if you had absolutely no prior artistic experience.

Most art schools teach in the step-by-step method. It works but it takes 5 to 10 years to learn painting. There is no need to take that long. If you want to experience art NOW, the miracle of instant artistic skills is available to you on Sunday

March 22, 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

at Losina Art Center, San Diego, California

Your inner potential will be nourished by teacher who creates this magical experience for the participants. Olya Losina, a gift to the US from Russia, cracked the talent code. She will catalyze an extraordinary shift in your ability to paint, regardless of your age or background. Olya has awakened artistic ambitions in hundreds of participants, aged 12 to 97. In this “talent pool” in San Diego, she will help you discover and appreciate your artistic uniqueness.

During this event, Olya will share her secrets of “mind-reading”. She will help you activate your creative “right brain” to be able to instantly access your natural talent.

You will feel talented, no – brilliant! The sensational change you’ll experience will open your mind to seeing yourself and the world around you in a new way. The most remarkable thing is that you don’t have to believe that this method will work for you. Art skills you’ll learn through this right-brain training will stay with you for life.

If you are an artist with an artist block who paints without passion, or a creative person with no outlet for self-expression, who senses your artistic strength, you will find this workshop transforming and enlightening: you will unleash your powerful spark and awaken the “wonder child” within.

Ages: mature teen to adult.

$394, art materials included.

To register, CLICK HERE or call 619-630-9278

Location: Losina Art Center, Inc., 3350 Sports Arena Blvd., Suite A, San Diego, CA 92110

At the mic – our graduates

“I feel so talented! This morning I didn’t want to come – I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to paint, I had never painted before. I’m so happy I came, it was phenomenal!” – Mark Stevenson, San Diego

“I used to go to museums to look at paintings. I looked at the subject, not at how it was painted. After today, I want to go to the museums to see how the masters did it, and then go and paint! This training has given me this wonderful confidence.” – Lisa Rothschild, San Diego

Benefits from the Workshop

  • Inspiration, passion for art and the know-how
  • You will understand why artists create and how art expands minds
  • Sensation of a higher power inside you and knowledge how to channel it at any time
  • Joy, happiness, and bonding
  • Connection to your full self-expression
  • Instant results: after just 1 hour into the workshop you will experience the difference!

What you will get

  • 8 hours of magical energy
  • One day without an internal critic
  • Ability to paint – the key concepts of creating art
  • Joy of discovering your artistic potential
  • Understanding of how artists see and think
  • Techniques that you will be able to practice on your own
  • 10 artworks that you will not believe are yours
  • Awakening of the dormant inner child
  • Clarity towards your business, money, personal relationships
  • Certificate of Completion, awarded at the graduation ceremony

Who is this training for?

This workshop is for you if you dream of learning to paint; if you experience “artist block”; if you’ve achieved a high degree of success in life and it hasn’t made you whole and complete; if you have an analytical, relentlessly-critical mind that never sets you free; if you like to read, write, learn and look deeper into things; if you life lacks the sense of wonder and you are seeking more fulfillment in your life; if you are intrigued by how artists create; if you have a passion for teaching; if you uncomfortable to share yourself. People who have attended previous workshops: business people, programmers, lawyers, mathematicians, doctors – the individuals who consider themselves “left-brain” and want to explore “the other side”; also artists, writers, speakers, healers, yogis, designers, actors – those who are trying to experience life fully and connect to their “self”; and parents, newlyweds, know-it-all young people, teachers, struggling students, “difficult” teens, pensioners, job-seekers, divorcees – who want better communication and more self-expression.

Individuals looking for an opportunity to start training as an art instructor, interested in a potential employment at Losina, are advised to attend this workshop as Learn to Paint in One Day workshop is the prerequisite to enrollment in Losina Art Teacher Training Academy.

Now taking reservations for:

DATE: march 22, SUNDAY – 10:00 AM TO 6:00 PM 

Price: $394

Lunch not included. Cost includes an apron, art supplies; paints and brushes that you will take home; tea, coffee, snacks during the 3 coffee breaks.

Children age 11 and younger must be accompanied by an adult.



I am not a beginner, I’ve taken painting classes. Is this workshop for me?

- This workshop is not only for beginners. Our method of training will activate your “inner child” mode and give you an unforgettable feeling of freedom and joy. After just one day of the right-brain training you will paint with more ease than ever before, surprising even seasoned painters. Artists of any level, including professional, benefit from this training – it gives them this unfamiliar experience of virtuosity and clarity with their direction.

Will I be able to paint by myself after attending this workshop?

- This workshop is the best way to jump-start your natural artistic ability. With just one day’s training, a person with no previous artistic ability is capable to continue painting on their own and even teach this method to friends. What you will learn will not require “remembering”, painting will feel easy and natural to you. This right-hemispheric training provides the keys to the creative processes in the brain. Benefits go far beyond just art. Creative thinking ignited in this workshop catalyzes your ability to see innovative solutions and unexpected ways to improve your business or your relationships.

Won’t I get tired in 8 hours?

- When you work in the right-hemispheric mode, you do not feel fatigue. Right-brain mode is energizing; a person can work in it for many hours without getting tired – and not only be effective, but feel completely restored and fully rested after a long day at work. During the training you will experience an increase in stamina, inner balance, harmony, feel youthful and uplifted in your mood and self-esteem. You won’t feel worn out, on the contrary, you will actually have a boost of energy. Many say they were surprised when after the 8 hours of painting they felt rested as if after having been on vacation – they had so much of positive emotions, relaxation and enjoyment.

Will you be offering other one-day workshops?

Yes, we will soon be offering Master Classes in this One-Day format for graduates to explore more techniques. Master classes will let you strengthen the skills you’ve obtained at Learn to Paint in a Day workshop and learn brand-new skills, such as drawing and sketching, impressionist technique, portraiture, abstract, floral painting, where we will be using larger size canvases or paper. By the way, all the art materials for Master Classes will be provided. All Master Classes will be utilizing the “right-brain” method of teaching, which makes it possible to excel in much shorter time. For example, the results from just one day of this training at Losina (in drawing, for example) will be exponentially higher than a regular 40-hour course of pencil drawing taught by a typical art class. Several Master Classes will be added to Losina calendar this month.

When I was a child I was told by my art teacher that I didn’t have artistic talent, so I never pursued painting. I am a little skeptical: should I try it now when I am 67?

When signing up for this workshop you don’t have to have any confidence in your artistic abilities. Even if you are convinced that you have no talent, you will discover that you can paint and will experience the joy of awakening that what has been dormant or suppressed in you for many years. In 8 hours you will disprove that life-long story.

Register for the workshop HERE (or call 619-630-9278)

Watch these interviews with the graduates and read their feedback:

New Workshop Interviews from LosinaArtCenter on Vimeo.

“I’m a senior in high school. I took this workshop because I used to do painting and drawing and I’ve been so busy lately and I wanted to get back to it. This workshop was so much fun! Totally opposite to what my mom and I expected it to be – that this would be a rigid art class teaching me some basics or something! But it was a great new experience for me, I feel it gave me everything I was looking for – it was really liberating and enlightening.” – Taylor, San Diego

“Before I came here I was trying to find my acting career in Los Angeles. I decided to come down here to do the program. It changed my life. I feel like I found my groove. It was a great experience!”   – Blake P., Los Angeles

“I am retired and I had always been interested in art. I talked to my neighbor who had taken this workshop and she said it was fantastic. So I thought I’d try it too, and I loved it! I didn’t know that I could do all that!”   – Alicia B., La Jolla

“My friend and I had taken the wine-and-art classes, and then more wine and art… I have several artists in my family so I decided to try real painting. I heard this workshop was really fun and I was anxious to try it, and I am so thankful to my friend for bringing me!“     – Pat, San Diego

“I am a retired registered nurse. This was a gift to me from my daughter. I put my life on hold to be here for one day. I am really enjoying it. It’s an excellent class. If you want to learn how to paint you should take it.”   – Lilia W., San Diego

“My girlfriend took this workshop last month and she raved about it and told us about it and so we are here with my friend. It’s awesome.” – Nicole, San Diego

“I used to paint a lot but then I stopped and now I paint again because of you, guys.”  -                                                     Gael, age 6, San Diego

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