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College Portfolio Examples

We have combined a short round-up of our students' art potfolios,
all of them were accepted; so you can use these portfolio examples
for reference when working on your portfolio.

Jeremy Hollingsworth's Art Portfolio

Jeremy had no drawing skills when he joined our College Portfolio Program. To be qualified for acceptance, Gnomon School of Visual Effects in Hollywood required an exceptional level of draftsmanship. In 10 months Jeremy learned, created a portfolio and was accepted.

His story on video:


Jeremy's Art Portfolio


Allison Mogin's Art Portfolio

Allison was hoping that a strong art portfolio will help her get accepted in UCSB despite of her grades. She enrolled in our College Portfolio class annual membership and attended it for 1,5 years. The admission was impressed with the maturity and professionalism of her portfolio and she was accepted. Hourray!

Allison Gehrke's Art Portfolio

Allison’s high-school art was not sufficient for art college admission. She had 3 months before the application deadline when she started her College Portfolio Program at LAC. Her portfolio was designed to be in mostly black and white. As a result she was accepted in all four art colleges she applied to.

Rachel Gehrke's Art Portfolio

Rachel’s College Portfolio was based on large-format work: figurative drawings, collages and a giant painting that she plans to submit into an art gallery.

Kali Brisby's Art Portfolio

In the College Portfolio Program Kali created over-sized paintings on broken china and wood scrap. She also worked on charcoal drawings of nudes. This portfolio demonstrated her versatility and the range of skills.

Kate Cote's Art Portfolio

Kate learned to paint in oils and draw in charcoal while in the College Portfolio training. She submitted 2 extra-large still life paintings, clothed and nude figure studies and 6 large landscapes in Fauve color.

Linley Barba's Art Portfolio

Linley had only one month before the college application deadline. To make an impressive portfolio in such a short time, we decided to take 2 directions: large-scale figure drawings in black paint and realistic portraits in pencil and washes.

Heather Martin's Art Portfolio

In one year in the Program, Heather has grown from a novice to a skilled artist. Her art portfolio shows her painting skills and creative ideas: from monochromatic plants to animals painted in golden, bronze and silver paint.


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