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Sunday Art class description
This is an inspiring class where the young students will develop drawing and painting skills. Children will explore color, composition, and various techniques working from still life, floral bouquets, live models, and photo-images. In only a few sessions each artist will become confident to work on independent unique creative projects.
Materials: provided

  • All levels of experience

The Timken Museum of Art, in collaboration with Losina Art Center, offers a six-session art workshop in which participants will have the unique opportunity to explore paintings in the museum's permanent collection, learn basic drawing skills, gain practical experience at the easel, and create a finished painting. The Timken galleries will serve as the classroom for the first two sessions. The last four sessions will take place at the Losina Art Center's studio. The workshop is designed for the absolute beginner but will be rich enough in content to satisfy even the most experienced artist. Six consecutive Wednesdays.
Materials: Conte; oils or acrylics

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  • All levels of experience

Professional artist Dorothy Annette will help you transition from a blank canvas to the confident artist, instilling appreciation for the art of the past and the modern masters. She teaches step-by-step techniques through special projects, stimulating learning and creativity, provides demonstrations and personalized guidance. You will learn to paint landscape, still life, figure, portraiture, animals; sketch and draw in various media, compose, mix colors and much more. It will be a good experience for beginners and for those who want to pick up tips from the professional.

Monday Art class description
This ongoing course is recommended as a prerequisite for any Art Center workshop. Curriculum focuses on drawing and painting basics, includes color-mixing, variety of techniques and explores a range of materials, gradually introducing painting into the drawing projects. Students will enjoy the fun and relaxed atmosphere and educational content of each class. Beginners and intermediate students will benefit from taking at least a couple of sessions of this class.