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Saturday Class

«You want me to do WHAT with my painting?!?»

Venus Project

“Very Weird” Painting Technique that Works Every Time

Each Saturday class a new model poses as Venus. As she gets in the pose, artists compose her onto their canvases and everyone paints her green. To an outsider it looks like all the artists have gone mad. But if you wait, you’ll see the group of beautiful paintings appearing, all being created in the technique of “glazing”. The artists are trained in the well-forgotten method used in Early Renaissance.

To add purposefulness to the project and make the assignment more meaningful, canvas is suggested to be “lanky” (as if we are looking at the model through a crack in the door). Paintings are created in one day. In 8-9 weeks artists will have made a series of standing figures, which can eventually be exhibited by each artist as a set or a series.


College Portfolio Graduate Testimonials 2014

View the testimonials from some of our graduate students.

Angeline – LAC College Portfolio Student from losinaartcenter on Vimeo.


Tonal Value

This week I will be covering how the Old Masters taught tonal value to their apprentices.

At first glance, the concept of tone may seem “vague and insignificant”; but it is one of the most important concepts in art. It seems easy, but it is difficult in practice. Why? Because “tonality” is an optical phenomenon; and, as any optical illusion, is perceived as “not real”. Our brain does not acknowledge it. For the human beings, color is important (we choose clothes by color; we judge fruit by how ripe it is, etc.), but noticing the tone often seems useless and unnecessary. We assign significance to distinguishing the green traffic light from the red, but we absolutely don’t care which of them is darker and which is lighter. It does not even occur to us to compare.


College Portfolio Examples

We have combined a short round-up of our students' art potfolios,
all of them were accepted; so you can use these portfolio examples
for reference when working on your portfolio.



Understanding Tonal Value – Simplified Version. [Drawing from an Arrangement of Boxes Shaped as a Reclining Figure].

Fig. 1.  Old Master’s drawing.
Study by Luca Cambiaso, 1527-1585

How a seemingly disastrous situation: my model calling in sick(!) 30 minutes before the start of the class last Saturday, turned into one of the most successful classes on tonal value ever.


How to hold the paintbrush?

How to hold a paint brush title

Your painting style depends on many things: your temperament, speed, intention, inspiration, skill, even how much paint you squeeze on your palette! One rarely considered factor is the way you hold your brush. It effects the character of your painting. You can change or acquire a new style by adopting a new grip. (more…)

51 issues in drawing

Drawing is multi-tasking. There are many issues that the artist should deliberately address in drawing. With practice, this awareness turns into the ability to see. I have been asked a lot to publish a list of these issues. I recommend to all my students (and other artists) to print it out and use it as a guide.