51 issues in drawing

Drawing is multi-tasking. There are many issues that the artist should deliberately address in drawing. With practice, this awareness turns into the ability to see. I have been asked a lot to publish a list of these issues. I recommend to all my students (and other artists) to print it out and use it as a guide.

Issues, Choices and Considerations in Drawings

  1. point of view
  2. drawing materials
  3. size of paper
  4. orientation of paper
  5. composition
  6. cropping of subject
  7. rhythm
  8. scale / amount of background
  9. choice of style
  10. time constraints
  11. balance
  12. symmetry
  13. form
  14. negative shapes / spaces
  15. silhouette
  16. structure
  17. lights / shadows
  18. body shadows
  19. cast shadows
  20. anchoring objects
  21. pushing-and-pulling
  22. tonal values
  23. temperatures
  24. edges
  25. focus
  26. direction of light
  27. contrast
  28. shading
  29. reserving the white
  30. texture
  31. perspective
  32. foreshortening
  33. facets
  34. style
  35. quality of line
  36. exaggerating
  37. ignoring
  38. proportions
  39. anatomy
  40. character
  41. creativity, originality
  42. pentimenti
  43. embracing gaze
  44. space
  45. weight
  46. highlights
  47. reflected light
  48. abstracting
  49. simplifying
  50. background
  51. signature

Some points might appear odd or unclear. Don’t worry, keep reading this blog and I’ll try to gradually explain all of them.

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A professional artist and educator, a Russian native classically trained in Moscow, coming from a family of Moscow artists, Olya holds a Master’s of Fine Art degree from the University of Moscow. Losina's artwork is in private collections in the United States and internationally. She exhibited at the Athenaeum, Earl & Birdie Taylor Library - Annual Drawing Show, Pacific Beach, CA; Instituto de Cultura, Tijuana, Mexico; Brushworks Gallery, San Diego. Influential teacher, she has taught Visual Arts courses to hundreds of students of all ages at Losina Art Center in San Diego, Athenaeum School of Art in La Jolla, Instituto de Cultura, Tijuana, Mexico and privately. Olya trains art teachers, conducts private and group professional coaching for advanced and intermediate artists, and offers art consulting to art collectors since 1994. Olya is a member of San Diego Museum of Art, Contemporary Arts Committee - a support group of the San Diego Museum of Art, Museum of Contemporary Art, Timken Museum of Art and The Athenaeum.
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