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College Portfolio Program

Losina Art Center in San Diego offers college portfolio assistance for students of all
levels. We will guide you from start to finish and help create an art portfolio that will strengthen your college application.


Here are 7 reasons why it’s your best choice:


1. Unique Method

Our college portfolio program is based on the unique teaching method used only in our school. This system is not taught elsewhere in the US. The curriculum is fully adjusted to the needs of the college applicant.

2. Any skill level

Before starting the program, we review your skills and existing works to see what you lack for a truly complete and unique portfolio. No initial skills required, even if you can’t draw or paint at all, we’ll help you get it done. We provide group classes as well as one-on-one individual training, and we’ll work with you personally througout the program, adjusting the curriculum to your existing portfolio, skills and preference.

3. Tailored to your college

We review your chosen college application guidelines and help you design and create a complete portfolio that will meet (or in many cases exceed) the requirements of the most demanding school.

4. Accelerated learning

Our students begin to draw and paint in a matter of hours. The program takes on average 3-6 months to complete. However, we’ve had applicants create a winning art portfolio in a week. So even if there’s very little time left – don’t despair. We can help.

5. Save Thousands!

Students who enroll in our art college portfolio program save up to $30,000* compared to college’ preparatory courses. The cost of the LAC College Portfolio program varies from case to case (i.e. depending on existing works, skills and deadlines). To get a quote, call us 619-630-9278

6. Financing available

In some cases the cost of the Program can be paid in several installments. Call 619-630-9278 for details.

7. Highest acceptance rate

The only art college portfolio program with a 90+% acceptance by art institutions nationwide. Our students have been accepted to the following schools:


Art portfolio program is also used by the students to get into medical science, teaching, engineering, physics, math, computer animation, architecture, journalism, law, finance, theater, history, and other humanitarian and non-humanitarian studies. We have helped the students to round out their application with their extra-curricular activities by adding an art portfolio to their submission package.


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One of our success stories: Jeremy Hollingsworth

See his progress as he went from 0 to being accepted to GNOMON


Jeremy is the youngest in his class, the only one accepted straight out of high school

See more video testimonials from other graduate students

Artworks created in the COLLEGE PORTFOLIO program

Some of the works by random students that went through the Art College Portfolio program

Artworks by Losina Art Center Studens

Click image to see more College portfolio examples


I can’t believe that we found you! This is exactly what we were looking for! We didn’t think it was possible to get a portfolio without enrolling in the college itself! Lisa, parent

Olya, good news! Allison got accepted to her top 2 schools, Cal Poly SLO, and best of all… USC! She is so grateful to you for helping her with the portfolio with such time constraints. She couldn’t have done it without your help. We surely will refer you to anyone interested in getting a good portfolio for college applications. Thank you so much. You’re the greatest! Susan, parent


Call for a free consultation: 619-630-9278