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Year-round art training with continuous open enrollment. Your first session starts when you arrive to your first class. If you are a beginner, you can register for a session and get started on your new life as an artist. We make dreams a reality faster than you thought possible. With our revolutionary direct-to-the-right-brain teaching method you will be painting and drawing before the end of your first month. We don’t teach you to paint like other artists paint, we help you develop your own voice. Our programs provide accelerated artistic development – from the fundamentals of art to professional level in ONE year. Advanced students will gain confidence and a new level of freedom, joy and authentic self-realization. You will experience rapid artistic transformation. We keep our classes small and they run full. It is recommended that you register in advance or secure your spot online. Click here to secure your spot now.  Testimonials
What makes us different is that even though classes are project-based, students can choose their own subject and pace, taking full advantage of the individual coaching in a small group environment. Instructor provides assistance with any technique requested, including techniques unrelated to the current project. Art training includes evaluation of your skills in drawing or painting, and gradually Losina Art Center will help you achieve a higher level of mastery. If you are new to art, click here to see our New-Student Special.
“Teaching of art is teaching of all things,” said John Ruskin, and that’s how we teach art – as a science. Art taught this way will expand your mind and broaden your vision.

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Losina Art Center was established in San Diego in 1996. We offer art training, coaching to artists in all phases of their career; college portfolio program, exhibition opportunities to emerging and mid-career artists, art teacher training, private lessons, team-building workshops, as well as online help – online critique to artists and long-distance portfolio assistance.
Losina Art Center is a partner with the Timken Museum of Art. We are building our own center of influence – a community of artists devoted to their artistic development. Through the  programs offered, individuals discover their artistic identity. We collaborate with art galleries, interior designers, organize exhibitions, meetups and other events for the benefit of transforming art education and elevating art appreciation to the level of literacy.

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